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Explore our exclusive range of BERNINA sewing machines in our official online shop,! Whether you're just starting out with your first sewing poject or are an experienced pro, we have the perfect model to suit all your needs. We offer top-notch quality, reliable performance and excellent service. Immerse yourself into our collection and find your perfect sewing machine today!

27 Results
27 Results




5'195.00 CHF
3'995.00 CHF
BERNINA 590 with Embroidery Module
- 700 CHF
- 500 CHF
3'695.00 CHF
BERNINA 570 QE with Embroidery Module
- 700 CHF
- 500 CHF
3'095.00 CHF
BERNINA 535 with Embroidery Module
- 500 CHF
- 500 CHF
2'595.00 CHF
- 200 CHF
2'195.00 CHF
2'295.00 CHF
BERNINA 435 Black Edition
- 100 CHF
1'875.00 CHF
- 100 CHF
1'695.00 CHF
- 50 CHF
1'495.00 CHF
1'395.00 CHF
1'995.00 CHF
1'295.00 CHF
715.00 CHF
535.00 CHF
315.00 CHF

Discover our BERNINA sewing machines in our official BERNINA online shop,!

Every household needs a sewing machine that makes life easier and more creative. Whether you only occasionally repair or want to realize creative projects, owning a sewing machine offers numerous benefits. It not only allows for easy sewing of everyday items like repairs and alterations but also opens up a world of creativity.

When purchasing a sewing machine, there are several questions to consider:

  1. How often will you use the sewing machine and for what purposes?
  2. Which features are important to you?
  3. Do you need special functions like patchwork or embroidery capabilities?
  4. Do you have enough space at home?
  5. What budget is available?

It is important to choose a high-quality sewing machine that delivers reliable results and meets your requirements. At BERNINA, we offer a variety of models in different price ranges. However, quality comes with a price, and it is worth investing in the right one from the start.

Visit one of our specialist dealers to receive competent advice and try out different models. BERNINA sewing machines offer a variety of features, from basic functions to advanced options like embroidery. Choose a machine that meets your current needs and also provides enough room for creative development in the future.

Remember that your sewing machine should grow with you. The more experience you gain, the more you will benefit from advanced features. And don't forget that easy operation is important to execute your sewing projects stress-free.

Visit a BERNINA our Stores today to find your perfect sewing machine and take your sewing skills to the next level! Remember, when you buy a new Machine from one of our official BERNINA Retail Stores, you also receive a one-hour Machine Instruction totally free of charge, so you get to know all the features of your new BERNINA!