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Our overlock machines are the perfect complement to your sewing machine. With the ability to sew, cut, and finish the edge in one step, they offer ultimate versatility. From delicate fabrics to heavy materials, our overlockers are suitable for a variety of fabrics. Achieve professional seam finishes and give your projects a flawless look. Explore our selection of BERNINA overlockers today and take your sewing results to the next level!

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11 Results



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There are many reasons why investing in an overlock machine is a smart choice.

Here are the key ones:

  • Professional edge finishing: With an overlock machine, you can quickly and professionally finish fabric edges, resulting in clean and durable seams.
  • Fast and easy for perfect results: Overlockers enable fast sewing while achieving perfect results, which is particularly advantageous for larger sewing projects.
  • Ideal for various types of fabrics: Overlock machines are perfect for processing knit, stretch, and woven fabrics. You can easily sew delicate silk or satin fabrics as well as heavy linen, fleece, or denim fabrics.
  • Differential feed for ripple-free seams: The differential feed function allows for ripple-free seams or can be used for gathering and ruffling, which is especially important for elastic fabrics.
  • Handling up to five threads: Unlike a conventional sewing machine, overlock machines can handle up to five threads simultaneously, enabling highly elastic seams required for many fabric types.

When choosing the right overlock machine, you'll need to decide whether to opt for a classic overlock model or an overlock/coverstitch model:

Classic overlock machine: Sews, cuts, and finishes edges in one step, ideal for professional seams in highly elastic materials, decorative flat seams in woven and knit fabrics, and fine rolled hems in lightweight fabrics.

Overlock/coverstitch model: Combines all functions of an overlock machine and a cover/chain stitch machine, including professional seams in elastic materials, joining individual fabric pieces with flat seams, fine rolled hems in lightweight fabrics, professional hem finishes in clothing and décor, decorative work with the chain stitch, and durable 5-thread stitches in fabrics.