Free-Hand System (FHS) retrofit kit

Free-Hand System (FHS) retrofit kit
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Free-Hand System (FHS) retrofit kit
Item No. 0086107100
Free-Hand System (FHS) retrofit kit image number

Product Description


The retrofit kit is ideal for retrofitting a knee lifter


  • Installation kit for BERNINA sewing machines
  • Simultaneous lifting of the presser foot
  • And lowering of the feed dog
  • Convenient operation with the knee
  • Hands remain free to work

Compatible Maschines

BERNINA 325, BERNINA 330, BERNINA 335, BERNINA 350, BERNINA 380, BERNINA artista 165, BERNINA artista 170, BERNINA artista 185

For legacy machines manufactured before 1970, please contact your BERNINA Store.

Knee lever upgrade for your machine

The Free-Hand System (FHS) Retrofit Kit lets you add the practical presser foot lifter to BERNINA sewing machines that did not have this feature initially. This useful tool makes it easy to work with thin, delicate fabrics that require extra care in handling or extra heavy fabrics that require both your hands to stay in place.

The knee-operated presser foot lifter raises the presser foot while lowering the feed dog. This creates significantly more space and noticeably improves clearance under the presser foot, which in turn facilitates fabric handling. This saves you time and helps you achieve perfect results.  

During this process, your hands remain free to continue guiding the fabric. The result is smooth, neat seams on needlework, garments, and home furnishings.