Straight Stitch Hemmer #62

Straight Stitch Hemmer #62
Item No. 0084827300
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Straight Stitch Hemmer #62
Item No. 0084827300
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Product Description


Fine hems, sewn quickly


  • Creating double-fold hems using straight stitch
  • This foot saves on work and time
  • For hems with a width of 2 mm
  • For fine materials
  • For optimal results, use the straight-stitch plate

Compatible Maschines

BERNINA 215, BERNINA 325, BERNINA 330, BERNINA 335, BERNINA 335, BERNINA 350, BERNINA 380, BERNINA 435, BERNINA 485, BERNINA 530, BERNINA 535, BERNINA 550 QE, BERNINA 555, BERNINA 560, BERNINA 570 QE, BERNINA 580, BERNINA 590, BERNINA 710, BERNINA 720, BERNINA 735, BERNINA750 QE, BERNINA 770 QE, BERNINA 770 QE PLUS, BERNINA 780, BERNINA 790PLUS, BERNINA 790 PLUS, BERNINA 790 PRO with Embroidery Module, BERNINA 820, BERNINA 830, BERNINA 880 PLUS, BERNINA activa 125, BERNINA activa 135, BERNINA activa 145, BERNINA activa 210, BERNINA activa 220, BERNINA activa 230, BERNINA activa 240, BERNINA artista 165, BERNINA artista 170, BERNINA artista 185, BERNINA artista 200, BERNINA artista 630, BERNINA artista 640, BERNINA artista 730, BERNINA Aurora 430, BERNINA Aurora 440 QE, BERNINA aurora 450

For legacy machines manufactured before 1970, please contact your BERNINA Store.

Enjoy accurate work

Straight Stitch Hemmer #62 is the specialist when it comes to precision stitching and narrow hems. 

The sole of the presser foot features a guide which holds the fabric edge together up to the needle hole, preventing the fabric from slipping out of the scroll. The scroll on the front of the presser foot lets you turn the fabric under twice in a single operation. This double-turned fabric forms a sturdy hem that won’t fray.

BERNINA makes a total of seven hemmer presser feet. With Straight Stitch Hemmer #62 , the width of the channel in the sole of the foot corresponds to the finished hem width of 2mm.