Overlock Foot #2A
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Overlock Foot #2A
Item No. 0333307201
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Product Description


9 mm stitch width, for 9 mm machines


  • Serging
  • Neatening edges
  • For elastic and stretch materials
  • Creates a flat, elastic seam
  • For 9 mm machines

Compatible Maschines

BERNINA 560, BERNINA 570 QE, BERNINA 580, BERNINA 590, BERNINA 710, BERNINA750 QE, BERNINA 770 QE, BERNINA 780, BERNINA 790PLUS, BERNINA 790 PLUS, BERNINA 820, BERNINA 830, BERNINA 880 PLUS, BERNINA artista 185, BERNINA artista 200, BERNINA artista 640, BERNINA artista 730, BERNINA aurora 450

For legacy machines manufactured before 1970, please contact your BERNINA Store.

Overlock Foot #2A

Overlock Foot #2A is ideal for producing serged seams and hems. It is especially well suited for neatening simple seams.

The stitches are formed over the pin on the inside edge of the foot, giving them an additional amount of thread. This prevents the fabric from bunching up and produces a flat, elastic seam. The Overlock foot can also be used to sew high quality hems, waistbands and overlock seams on knit fabrics.