Echo-quilting Clips
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Echo-quilting Clips
Item No. 1029597100
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Product Description


Quilting with ease


  • Easily create decorative quilt patterns
  • Use with Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 & #96
  • Exact positioning of clips for accurate guiding
  • Anti-static manufactured solid plastic

Compatible Maschines

BERNINA 325, BERNINA 330, BERNINA 335, BERNINA 335, BERNINA 350, BERNINA 380, BERNINA 485, BERNINA 530, BERNINA 535, BERNINA 550 QE, BERNINA 555, BERNINA 570 QE, BERNINA 580, BERNINA 590, BERNINA 710, BERNINA 720, BERNINA 735, BERNINA750 QE, BERNINA 770 QE, BERNINA 770 QE PLUS, BERNINA 780, BERNINA 790PLUS, BERNINA 790 PLUS, BERNINA 820, BERNINA 830, BERNINA 880 PLUS, BERNINA activa 125, BERNINA activa 135, BERNINA activa 145, BERNINA activa 210, BERNINA activa 220, BERNINA activa 230, BERNINA activa 240, BERNINA artista 165, BERNINA artista 170, BERNINA artista 185, BERNINA artista 200, BERNINA artista 630, BERNINA artista 640, BERNINA artista 730, BERNINA Aurora 430, BERNINA Aurora 440 QE, BERNINA aurora 450

For legacy machines manufactured before 1970, please contact your BERNINA Store.

Echo-quilting Clips

These Echo-quilting Clips have been especially developed for quilting with the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72. The Echo-quilting Clips are made of scratchproof and anti-static plastic; therefore, the surface remains scratch and lint free. Easily clip the transparent Echo-quilting Clips on the sole of the Ruler foot.

Adjustable Ruler Foot #72

Each set includes three Echo-quilting Clips in following sizes:

  • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 0.5 Inch (1,27 cm)
  • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 0.75 Inch (1,91 cm)
  • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 1.0 Inch (2,54 cm)

What is echo-quilting?

When working with the Echo-quilting Clips, you quilt around a motif to have it framed. For this purpose, the clips are guided in free-motion or along a plexiglass ruler. This technique is called ‘echo-quilting’.

Easily create decorative quilt patterns (such as ‘crosshatching or ‘piano keys’) with the BERNINA plexiglass rulers and the various spacings of the Echo-quilting Clips. Position and guide the clips due to the lasered markings. Perfect patterns will succeed anytime!