XL Embroidery Module Bag
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XL Embroidery Module Bag
Item No. 0334767000
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Product Description


Protect Your Embroidery Module


  • Plenty of space for embroidery accessories
  • Optimally secured with inserts and strap
  • Easy attachment to the telescopic handle of the XL Trolley
  • Adjustable strap for hanging

Compatible Maschines

BERNINA 700, BERNINA 700, BERNINA 720, BERNINA 735, BERNINA 735 with Embroidery Module, BERNINA750 QE, BERNINA 770 QE, BERNINA 770 QE PLUS, BERNINA 770 QE PLUS with Embroidery Module, BERNINA 780, BERNINA 790PLUS, BERNINA 790 PLUS, BERNINA 790 PLUS with Embroidery Module, BERNINA 790 PRO with Embroidery Module, BERNINA 830, BERNINA 880 PLUS, BERNINA 880 PLUS with Embroidery Module

For legacy machines manufactured before 1970, please contact your BERNINA Store.

XL Embroidery Module Bag

The embroidery module bag XL for the BERNINA 7 and 8 Series is designed to be solid and lightweight. The advanced padding system and the high-quality outer material provide a thorough protection for your embroidery module. The embroidery module bag can be attached to the trolley’s XL telescopic handle or carried separately with an adjustable shoulder strap.

BERNINA trolley’s XL