BERNINA Toolbox Lettering

BERNINA Toolbox Lettering
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BERNINA Toolbox Lettering
Item No. 1014257002
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Product Description


Totally into lettering and characters


  • Create impressive letterings
  • Combine designs with lettering
  • Wide variety of colors, shapes, decorative elements, frames and designs
  • 100 embroidery alphabets
  • Choose 200 embroidery designs from the BERNINA Cloud

Overview of the most important functions

  • 100 alphabets
  • 5 two-tone fonts
  • 6 text shapes
  • Text boxes for decorative elements
  • Exclusive frames for creating badges
  • 200 embroidery designs from the BERNINA Cloud

Choose from a wide range of text shapes, text boxes and frames that you can also use and combine as desired.

BERNINA Cloud: Your embroidery design library

With your purchase of BERNINA Toolbox Lettering, you have full access to the BERNINA Cloud and these astonishing benefits: 

  • Select 200 out of more than 1'000 embroidery designs
  • Edit embroidery designs directly in the Cloud or in your Toolbox
  • Your BERNINA Cloud is your always available storage - wherever you are

Lettering Basic - if you prefer a cheaper start into Lettering

With Lettering Basic, you can create letterings, combine lettering with embroidery designs and choose 100 embroidery designs for free from the BERNINA Cloud.

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